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Nicole Darcy is my given name; 達(dá) 妮(nī) is my Chinese name.  This Mandarin Links site I’ve created provides information and assistance for people learning about Mandarin Chinese language and culture. Mandarin Links LLC was founded, based-in Minneapolis Minnesota, (gregorian year) 2005.

我的中文名叫 達妮,本英文名是 Nicole Darcy‧ 為提供所有關於華文語語言跟文化的資料和教育創建了華綾 Mandarin Links  網站‧我已于2005年成立配合 華綾 Mandarin Links網站 的小公司‧[/1of4]


Mandarin Chinese Instruction & Tutoring


Mandarin Links LLC offers Chinese language classroom instruction in schools and with organizations.  Mandarin Links also offers private in-business and in-home tutoring. 

Mandarin Curricula Building &
Classroom Consultin
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Mandarin Links LLC assists in creating and building curricula for Mandarin Chinese language-cultuaral related programs –  including Mandarin-English children’s songs !!

Translation Services


Mandarin Links LLC offers Chinese-English/English-Chinese translation and interpretation services.
Contact us for more information about our services and availability.

Links !!


Mandarin Links LLC plainly-and-mainly offers links !! ..links towards those interested in learning about Mandarin language and culture globally and generally, as well as links towards the Minneapolis/St. Paul twincities contingent of native Mandarin speakers in this area.

 From Nicole – 達妮寫說:

Hello 你好!

i am Nicole Darcy 達妮. i hold a BA in Asian Languages & Literature with a focus on Mandarin language and culture, studied at universities in China and Taiwan, and spent 18 years living in Asia. more about Nicole

i work to assist people who work with Chinese language, in areas where Mandarin is spoken and Mandarin’s related cultures. Please Contact me with any questions.

~ Nicole Darcy 達(dá) 妮(nī)     Visit us on Facebook