A little bit about Nicole ~ 小部分達妮的故事。。

Nicole Darcy, is my birth given name, 達(dá) 妮(nī) is my Chinese name. I was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. At the age of 40 I’d spent half my lifetime away from Minneapolis and the USA. I now live in Minneapolis with my loving husband and our two darling kit-cats – 好意 (hǎo yì) our  furry ‘good intent’, and 安道 (ān dào) our little ‘peaceful way’.

During my first year of college I studied in Denmark for one year and subsequently traveled extensively in Europe for another year. Later, on returning to Minneapolis and the University of Minnesota (UMN), I became involved with Asian and Chinese studies and ended up spending 18+ years in Asia. I hold a BA from UMN in Asian Languages & Literatures with focus on Mandarin language and culture. I remain one class away from holding a 2nd BA in Global Studies from UMN.  I further school-studied Chinese language and history at universities in both China and Taiwan. – four years of Classical Chinese studies in Taiwan, including one school-year of scholarship from the Tainan City government.

I hold near 30 years of language teaching experience, from in the USA, Taiwan, and China. I have been teaching and tutoring Mandarin Chinese language around the Minneapolis-Saint Paul twincities since I moved back to Minneapolis from Tainan, Taiwan in 2003. I teach in schools and with organizations. I also lead private classes tutoring in homes and businesses. I enjoy working with students of all ages, from pre-k through all academic student ages and with adults whom are working with or traveling to China and/or Taiwan.

During my childhood my parents introduced me to different languages,, cultures, arts, and ways. I was brought to music, dance, and Japanese lessons from the age of 4, the same year I began kindergarten. From those experiences I believe that I quite understand the importance of  learning(s).  I have been working/teaching with pre-k Chinese immersion for the past 6 years.

I work to assist people who are, and/or will be, working with the Chinese language, in areas where Mandarin is spoken and Mandarin’s related cultures. I create lessons to fulfill my students’ needs with Chinese language. I work to let students learn to non-harmfully express themselves in situations they may meet – some plan to study, work, and/or travel amidst a Mandarin speaking land; some are doing business with Mandarin speakers; some may be adopting a child from China, Taiwan, or Singapore; some wish to learn about an art or some other cultural aspect related to the base of Mandarin culture. There are many reasons why so many people want to learn some Mandarin and about this language’s related culture(s), today.
“i” am into the writings and work of Zhuang-zi. a Chinese philosopher who famed the ”no self” concept. i capitalize words, bolden, slant, write and type as i prefer – when i can. thee “i” pronoun, beginnings of sentences, and other ‘usually capitalized’ manners may not appear on this blog as they do in ‘formal’ or ‘proper’ writings.